Speciality in used Toyota cars in Nairobi, Kenya


Toyotsu Trade-In

Trade-in is where you (the client) buys a new car from us and you sell your current vehicle to Toyotsu. It’s an immediate transaction that is meant to give you instant cash for your car*. You drive in with the old one, we evaluate and give an offer which becomes your down payment for the vehicle you would be looking to purchase.

The Benefits

  • •It’s easy. Drive in with the old, drive out with the new!
  • •You get instant cash value for your car from us*.
  • •Saves you time and the hassle of looking for clients for your current vehicle.
  • •Your transaction is safe and secure as you’re dealing with a reputable company.
  • •The trade-in value is used to cover part of the purchase price for the new car.
  • *Subject to the model

The Process

  1. Drive into Toyotsu with your old vehicle.
  2. Carry your ID and a copy of the logbook with you.
  3. Hand over the keys to our trained inspectors to evaluate. This should normally take between 1-2 hours. You can enjoy a cup of coffee as browse using our WIFI or use that time to shop around along with our able sales staff.
  4. Once our inspection is complete, depending on the urgency, an offer is given within the hour as you wait. However, if in a hurry you can ask that the offer is communicated to you.
  5. If in agreement with our offer, we immediately sign off the agreements and you hand over ownership to us. Simple, safe & straight forward!


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