Speciality in used Toyota cars in Nairobi, Kenya

Welcome Aboard To The Toyotsu Family!

We are grateful and honored that you chose to purchase your vehicle from Toyotsu Auto Mart Kenya.
What this actually means, is that you will not only enjoy convenience of movement with your new ride but you also enjoy a lifetime parts and service discount every time you visit our AutoFast Flagship Service station for your routine maintenance service.
Please keep safe your loyalty card to enjoy the below exclusive benefits :

Parts & Service discount rate

Item Discount Rate Note
PARTS 10% Applicable from Retail Price
BATTERIES 45% Applicable from List Price
LUBRICANTS 10% Applicable from Retail Price
TYRES 15% Applicable from Retail Price
LABOUR 10% Applicable from Retail Price

Terms and Conditions

  • -In order to enjoy the benefits above, you MUST produce your loyalty card at the service reception each time you visit. Failure to which you’ll miss out on the discounts.
  • -This card and the attached benefits are NOT transferable to another vehicle.
  • -Parts & Service discount is applicable EACH TIME you visit Toyotsu.
  • -The benefits are applicable to the customer who PURCHASED their vehicle from Toyotsu Auto Mart Kenya.
  • -If your card gets lost or misplaced, please contact us for assistance.
Address: Toyotsu Building, Toyota Kenya Business Park, Popo Rd, South C, Nairobi
Tel: 0711 050 000/101
Opening hour:
MON - FRI 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
SAT 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Web site: https://www.automark.ke/