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Your Trusted Partner for Duty Free/Paid Car Importation

Our vehicle import expertise is backed by more than 9 years of experience in the pre-owned vehicle industry, happy and satisfied customers that we have served over these years, a professional and strong team as well as synergy from our group companies. i.e., Toyota Kenya and DT Dobie as well as other companies within cfao / Toyota Tsusho fraternity.
Who do we serve?
We offer a wholistic experience to customers across all aspects of life who qualify for a duty -free vehicle as follows: -
1.UN / NGO / Embassy diplomatic staff
Our import department is dedicated to cater for all UN bodies, Registered Non-Governmental Organizations, embassies and diplomats.
2.Local residents who qualify for duty free services
We offer a smooth process to customers with special needs at individual level and through collaboration with relevant organizations such as NCPWD, UDPK and APDK etc.
Returning Resident – A person who has lived abroad for at least 2 years
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1.Submit Inquiry through our web site
Once you drop your inquiry with specifications of your preferred car/model through our web site, our sales consultant will reach out to you for further discussion and next steps.
2.Quotation and deposit
Upon agreement of the car of interest, you will receive a price quotation based on current auction price (usually in Japan) with which you will pay the deposit.
3.Auction and nomination
We select your best car together!
We will share actual pictures and specifications of available units in the auction for your confirmation so that we can proceed and bid. At this point, your quick decision is required since the auction is held every day.
4.Inspection and shipping arrangements
The car undergoes an inspection which is required by KEBS (Kenya Bureau of Standards) to ascertain that it meets all the criteria for exportation. ETD (Expected Timing of Departure) and ETA (Expected Timing of Arrival at Mombasa port) is communicated after shipping arrangements are in place.
Duration from Japan to Mombasa is usually 25 to 35 days. Kindly confirm the duration from other countries with our sales consultant.
6.Clearing and delivery to Nairobi
Your original Passport and Diplomat ID are required for custom clearing at the Mombasa port. Once cleared, your vehicle is delivered in a car carrier to the showroom of Toyotsu Auto Mart Kenya in South C, Nairobi.
7.Pre-delivery service and check-up
Oil change and 59-point mechanical check are conducted by our professional technicians in our modern workshop to confirm that the car meets our quality standards.
You can choose to pick your vehicle from our showroom or we could arrange for the delivery to your most convenient place.


  • Comprehensive and transparent process: Sourcing a vehicle from country of origin to delivering it to Nairobi following all the due processes
  • Uncompromised vehicle quality: Transparent and accurate information from auction records (No tampered mileage & availing accident history report)
  • Stipulated Warranty program with 1 year extension option
  • Free roadside assistance for 1 year which is provided by AA
  • One stop showroom-concept for vehicle sale, maintenance services using qualified parts and expert handling by technicians trained at Toyota Kenya Academy
  • Leasing facility: We offer leasing services to our customers as they await their vehicle to be delivered.
  • Buy-back program: This allows you to either trade-in your vehicle with us for a different car or to sell on behalf at the timing of disposal as part of our lifetime care commitment to you


1.How to buy from Auction?
We help you nominate an available unit in the auction based on your preferences and bid on your behalf upon your confirmation. The timing of the bidding is up to the availability of your preferred vehicle in the auction.
2.What are the advantages of choosing a car from Auction?
  • You get “fresh unit” with accurate information of the vehicles condition.
  • Allows you to buy a car as per your specifications & preference. Japanese Auction facilities handles over 20,000 units every day!
3.Which documents are needed for duty free importation?
  • Original proforma Invoice from Toyotsu Auto Mart Kenya
  • Original Logbook from the country of importation by the exporter that has been cancelled from the country of origin.
  • This will be required by National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to give you an original Kenyan Log book
  • Original Bill of Lading from the exporter
  • Pre-Shipment inspection certificate (Certificate of road worthiness) from the exporter
  • Copy of customer’s KRA PIN certificate or Copy of Certificate of Incorporation if it’s a company
4.How do I get price quotation of preferred car?
By filling and submitting your inquiry to us with information below so that we can calculate for you based on the current auction price.

Brand / Model / Engine type (petrol or diesel) / Transmission (MT or AT) / 2WD or 4WD / Engine capacity (cc) / body colour / Number of seats (5 or 7 seaters) / any other preferred features / Your contacts (name, Email address, phone number)
Kindly click “E-mail us” below to send your inquiry.


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